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please do not choose this being an insult… but it appears that you'll find not Lots of individuals here which might be qualified to be aware of money, how it works how companies are financed and what actual wealth suggests… you might be trapped in remedial thought patterns… and conspiracies. People between you who will be willing to open up your intellect take this… why would i stifle a treatment for breast cancer ? what ! so I could offer chemo prescription drugs at 20,000 pounds a individual ? Even though you imagine that is why i wouldn't convey out a cure for breast cancer… what none of you recognize or fall short to accept is the fact that, breast most cancers will not be contagious and folks will always get it… so regardless of whether I give affected person A chemo and receive 20 thousand dollars, and heal her , she may be very unlikely to get breast cancer once more, and if she does my drugs aren't about to do the job And that i get no repeat profits… so i gain 20 k a client… but when I've a remedy… and I give this female a cure And that i demand her forty,000 dollars to the remedy… a confirmed overcome… properly i have just doubled my income… per affected individual… but Whatever you fall short to understand is.. that is not exactly where the money is… if I actually had a heal for breast most cancers… the value of my stock in my company could be at not less than 300 moments its earnings… As well as in authentic funds, that means i could be expecting a inventory appreciation of at least 2000 p.c producing me the biggest and richest corporation on the earth… why would i stifle a heal for cancer… i would junk chemo therapy… in the heart defeat, and shorter just about every stock in every single other pharma enterprise down to zero… for the reason that what would their businesses be truly worth if I'd a treatment and that they had chemo…? You individuals are not idiots.. you just don’t understand how big corporate finance will work.. think about this… Theranos… at its peak experienced a stock value of 10 billion pounds for a product of with the ability to Verify several Issues that has a fall of blood… it did not even function… so consider what my stock will be if i truly experienced a heal for most cancers…. a trillion bucks… possibly…. but genuinely… sustain With all the conspiracy theories… its’ exciting to read through… and to be good… I'm an government in a financial institution that finances massive pharma huge oil and large foods… but don’t let me major breasts fool you ….

I don’t acquire painrelief in any respect. But I'm in an extremely undesirable discomfort as a consequence of my arthritis. Make sure you give some information to remedy my sickness

Do there is a link to your dates and perhaps the said motive (by possibly him or FDA) for pay a visit to/report/inspection?

I am saddened to announce that Dr. Sebi handed this morning in a healthcare facility in Honduras. He became sick with pneumonia though staying held in prison.

I feel someone referred to as me a shill or some thing. This thread is in every single place. Wendy Allen

a black man is taken into custody for possessing income on his individual. He was entirely very well in his videos I see Times ahead of his death. They say at his clinic he may need been mistreated, instantly will get ill after which you can increase, dies.

We are created to Are living nicely into 100 if we take care of ourselves like these Physicians represented. Study the Bible. It's very suspicious!

Can Dr. Sebi aid Within this area??? What can he advocate?? I'm in my early 30’s and my partner and I will like to obtain kids of our individual Obviously. Thank you!

No title calling. All these guys and ladies were being white sans one of them and a lot of observed murdered. Describe that away (while I do respect you publishing underneath an genuine real photo and name- thank you)

For instance, if there is surplus mucous within the bronchial tubes, the sickness is Bronchitis; if it is in the lungs, the disorder is Pneumonia; from the pancreatic duct, it's Diabetic issues; from dr sebi recipes the joints Arthritis. The entire African Bio-mineral Balance compounds are comprised of normal plants; which implies its constitution is of the alkaline nature.

The compounds are all built to enrich the body on the cellular stage. Many people have been consuming Improper (or simply not having) for years, so when we last but not least feed our cells the cell is then in the position to cleans alone and compliment the structure and functions on the organs. There remains the environmentally friendly meals additionally, Iron additionally or Bio Ferro, banju and bromides.

to this great herbal medical doctor markson this person is wonderful male he can recover all sorts of sickness from your system technique don”t be ashamed to share your difficulty

my name is binaley salami, am from California basically I used to be suffering form HIV for more than 5 years now and I've gone to so many Medical practitioners for enable they're able to an answer to my difficulty, thing the working day i satisfied this male of effective Dr Onoja in Web he prayed for me and question me to do so quite a few factor off would like i did.

Again, after they have examine sixty Medical practitioners getting discovered lifeless in the final year which can be holistic and several well known like this just one – even https://blackhealthwealth.com though he was the one one which want an precise traditional Medical doctor of some kind – They can be a tad skeptical.

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